Health Club Travel,  your health your travel..

  •  Health Club Travel is a professionally specialized in the fields of medical tourism, consultancy and assistance company located in New Jersey, USA and Istanbul, Turkey. 
  • Almost for 12 years, we accumulate a huge experience of trip organizations.  We have coordinated hundreds of travel organization for the people from Europe and US. In our travel packages, people have had a chance to plan their all trips with best prices.
  • On the other hand, We provide medical services for patients who seek treatment outside their country. We carry on our business internationally with support of qualified and high level doctors.
  • In addition, we help you with everything during the treatment process, including accommodation and transportation. They are all depends on your needs. 
  • We proved ourself  as a dedicated company in health industry. We provide our patients hygienic dental operations in our clinic with our qualified doctors.

Here you can have an access to reach our clinic, just a click ahead :,0,120,0,0);

Here you can see some of our doctors for dental treatments:

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  • We also provide comprehensive services about hair transplantation with our professional doctors by using all facilities of the hospitals. 
  • Health Club Travel is a professional organization company that helps thousands of patients around the world to get the best treatment they need and the best travel experiment. 
  • As the Health Club Travel family, our specialist doctors, clinics and hospitals that we are cooperating is growing day by day.

  • Health Club Travel is a part of KIWI GRUP which has several subcompanies namely as INTERFLY, DIGITARC, DENTCLUB, HEALTH CLUB TRAVEL, KIWI YAZILIM in Turkey and CODEANY in USA.

How We Work, 

Purchase the Packages

  • After purchasing the package with the treatment you need, you will be informed about the packages and your treatment plan by our experts. You will always have a chance to see the prices of what you purchase. You will be totally free of  plan your trip. It is possible to purchase only treatment or flight tickets and treatment or flight tickets, treatments and accommodation in our system. You are all free about it. Transportation is included in our all packages. 

Treatment and Travel 

  • We accompany you from the moment you arrive at the airport in Istanbul until you return to your country. We will offer you daily tours of the city but you are all free to join them or not. It could be your own experiment alone. No matter you prefer, alone or group, you will always have our support and assistance during your journey. 

Transportation and Transfer

  • We deal with transportation between the airport, the hotels, hospitals and clinics.  We also provide you transfer services for your daily tours. 

Start of Treatment

  • Your medical treatment begins the first or second day of your trip. It would be changed depending on the circumstances of your arrival. You will be received the detailed information about your entire treatment plan. 

Your Trip

  • You will have a great experience with your journey in Turkey. You will feel totally free with your decisions. You will not be forced to join every daily activity like an ordinary trip organization.